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Oh yes, you read that right. In my recent endeavor to expand my use of the CSA vegetables, I’ve really been going out on a limb…sometimes to hit face first on the ground! Beets are another one of those vegetables that I love but I tend to use in only two ways – roasted or pickled. I don’t seem to get sick of that but I do realize it’s not for everyone. Roasted beets are really a great thing though – and they then can become another ingredient to add to all sorts of things like salad or muffins. Actually, I didn’t know about the muffins until earlier this week. I saw a recipe, got grossed out, couldn’t stop thinking about it, and simply had to give it a shot.

I based it off several recipes I found online. None of them quite fit what I was looking for. Some used as little as 1/4 cup of roasted beet puree and said that it still tasted like beets. I figured if you are going to “sneak” a vegetable into a baked good, you either don’t taste it. or if you do there is enough of it in there to count. I don’t think 1 teaspoon of beet per muffin counts as diddly. So I developed my own recipe using an ample quantity of beets. Other recipes called for ingredients that I don’t usually have around the kitchen – coconut oil, quinoa flour, etc – and many of them were chocolate based. I wanted something that was actually a breakfast food and not dessert, as well as being able to be made in the average kitchen without a trip to the grocery. I thought it would either be a delicious addition to the cookbook or at least a hilarious blog post about my miserable culinary adventure of the day. Hmmm…thus I present to you, my Beet Poppy Seed Muffins.

The first few steps were easy enough, I got all the dry ingredients measured and mixed and the wet ingredients into the bowl of the stand mixer. Looked just fine really.

But then after mixing, the first doubts really hit home. I mean, I knew this stuff was going to be red. Beets stain everything. But I was pretty sure I couldn’t pass this off as a regular muffin to my beet-hating husband. Ah well, at least he tastes my experiments if not always enjoys them!

I usually get to make breakfast before the rest of the household wakes up, but at this point my 2 year old Willa came waltzing out of the bedroom and wanted to help. I quickly put her to work tasting things. She LOVED the puree. Of course, beets are already sweet and the additional sugar couldn’t have hurt. So she enjoyed a pre-muffin snack while I went on with the project.

I added the dry ingredients and found it to be so nice to see exactly when all the flour was mixed in. There’s no chance of accidentally leaving behind clumps of it – the batter is a serious shade of fuchsia. I’ve heard people say not to wear white while dealing with beets, but I hadn’t realized I was being quite so color coordinated until I downloaded the pictures!

With everything done, I was ready to put them in the oven. I took one last look at the pan and Chad got this shot of me…can you tell that I’m not really sure about these things?!?!

But in the oven they went and a mere 20 minutes later, we were faced with actually having to taste the concoction. I tasted the ones without poppy seeds first. Wow, it was beety. I love beets, so I did really like the muffin. But Chad took one bite and was confident he didn’t want one for breakfast. But then I pinched off a piece of the poppy seed one. What a difference in the flavor! The poppy seeds mellowed out the earthiness of the beet, almost making that flavor disappear completely. Chad was happy to sit down and eat one of those!

So the experiment was a success. I thought the ones with the poppy seeds were really delicious (ahem…I ate three…). I actually used up the last of my beets for this year so I’m happy to move on to other things. Like that pile of summer squash threatening to overflow the crisper. The plants at the Nickle Farm have started their first flush and they are being quite generous. Expect plenty of squash this summer!

(just another link to the Beet Poppy Seed Muffin recipe posted in our online cookbook!)




A Salubrious Sauces & Catering Co.

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For some time now, we’ve been supplying a local catering company with produce from the garden. Chef Fergie puts together a seasonal menu each week for home delivered meals in Caldwell County. She also produces a wide selection and sweet and savory sauces. They believe in using local, sustainable products as well as not including artificial nonsense in the food. On top of the weekly supper service and sauces, they also provide catering menus and even pet food. Pretty much anything you could ask for really…! Check out their website and facebook page for more details!

Recently, Chef Fergie picked up a haul of veggies from the farm and turned those raw ingredients into delicious food.

She made a roast vegetable salad with our beets, parsnips, radishes and lettuce mix.  Looks delicious!

And for the Tuesday supper service this week, ‘Buttermilk Herb Pea & Tomato Slaw’ with our snap peas, cabbage and joi choi – and tomatoes from her garden!

And one final note – they will be opening a food truck soon! The truck will be called The Culinary Criminal – Food So Good It Should Be Outlawed and they are opening in Martindale on Memorial Day. Stay tuned to their website and facebook page for updates.




Mmmm…sugar snap peas…

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I’m just loving the influx of spring veggies. There is truly no vegetable sweeter than a pea straight from the garden. We barely got any in the fridge after ransacking the stash that came in our basket last week. But I had a recipe in mind that I was dying to try. Martha Stewart – one of my heroes – has a recipe for stuffed snow peas using St Andre or other soft cheese. I thought it could only be enhanced by using sugar snap peas. Oh boy, was it utterly delicious – for breakfast too no less! That’s the way to start the day!


Creamy rice casserole with joi choi

Spinach, banana and apple juice smoothie

Soft cheese stuffed sugar snap peas (with farm deviled eggs!)

Bubble and Squeak (potato and cabbage breakfast dish)

Turnip soup

Herbed carrot and beet salad




Another week of meals

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I was a little slow moving through the veggies this week.  We had some leftovers stored from last week and I simply was too pregnant to cook from scratch every night!  Thankfully, the hearty greens can last 2 weeks in the fridge so I’ll just need to get back to the stove next week!


Indian curried cauliflower with cilantro and spiced mustard greens with garlic 

Arugula salad with roast beets, fried onions and parmesan flakes 


Roasted carrots and parsnips with rosemary and parsley 

Duck meringue cookies

Arugula salad with blood oranges and turnips

Breakfast taco with spinach, turnips and cilantro, salsa frozen from farm veggies this summer




CSA Meals

I thought I would start a new type of blog post each week (or whenever I can!). I get a regular CSA basket for my family (we live in town, an hour away from the farm). It gives me a chance to make sure our customers are getting a good deal and that the vegetables are harvested/packed right. I also tend to not having any qualms complaining that the Tatsoi was too bitter or the amount of lettuce is too small, so it’s a good chance for feedback. And when we grow new varieties, its nice to give them all a try. Sometimes at the farm when you have so much to choose from, you just stick with what you know and you might go a whole season without sampling the new type of beet.

So since I get the basket, I’m cooking from it all week. This is a great way for me to share with our customers some ideas on what they can use their veggies to make. People who are new to a CSA, and eating seasonally in general, may not know what to do with kale, arugula or turnips.  So I’ll be posting pictures of my culinary creations from the week!

Tuscan bean stew with kale and collards, homemade focaccia

Farm egg fritatta with spinach and tomato basil sauce (frozen from farm veggies this summer), homemade butter on toast

Turnip hash with fried duck egg

Plain ol’ steamed broccoli with butter and salt

Stir fried cauliflower and tatsoi with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce

Scrambled eggs with arugula and farm sun dried tomatoes

Fried duck egg sandwich on sourdough with wilted beet greens

Simple salad with yellow carrots