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Our Methods

Sand Holler Farm LLC is a farmstead with the primary goal to provide food products for our family and friends in a sustainable way.  Sustainability in this case means that the inputs to the farm make sense for the outputs we receive –  the farm should sustain itself on the sales of excess products.  However, the farm will be operated essentially as a non-profit.  Once financial sustainability is achieved, we would like to provide any overage to the needy in the local community.

Our main goal is to provide nutritious animal and vegetable products and raise healthy livestock for eggs, milk and wool.  We will grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to meet as much of our dietary needs as possible.

We also began Sand Holler Farm to provide our family and friends with an educational agricultural experience.  We believe that local agriculture is vital to the economic health of our community and want to educate the public by being an example of a successful farm.  The farm should be a relaxing, enjoyable place to experience the country and get your hands dirty.

Standards and Methods

We believe in the natural and organic approach to animal husbandry and land stewardship.

Our animals are:

  • Never given unnecessary medications like steroids and antibiotics on a routine basis
  • Raised where they can romp and roam in a natural environment

Our produce is:

  • Grown using sustainable methods and organic approaches
  • Grown on soil whose health is a high priority

Our customers can expect:

  • Food that is safe to eat, priced to pay a living wage and fresh from the farm
  • To be welcomed to visit the place where their food is produced

Our target customer is a person interested in being involved in local agriculture.  We encourage participation from our customers at the farm through volunteer workdays and semiannual gatherings.