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Seems I’m getting a little too busy…or pregnant…to keep up with the blog! So you’ll have to be satisfied with another photo essay today. I’ll get back to full write-ups soon! How about a bunch of little kid pictures?

Willa’s birthday two months ago at the farm. She and her cousins kicked the chickens out of one of their wallows and got filthy themselves:

Cardoon, related to the artichoke and thistle, blooming in the garden:

Fashionable farm girl:

The parents of one of our WWOOFers had a bad windstorm that damaged a lot of their peach trees. They let us glean some of the fruit…sitting in the freezer until I get around to making peach butter! Thank you!!!

Our cat Blue wouldn’t get off the pregnant-lady weeding cushion Willa likes to sit on. Even with a healthy mulching, the cat still won the spot!

PawPaw teaches the grandkids the ins and outs of hammer usage:

Willa and the baby goats:

That’s all for now! I hope to be back on my game soon…though if I wait much longer, I’ll be out of commission with a new born! :)


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