Early spring preperation

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Spring on the farm is a busy time of year….um, every season is a busy time of year in Texas where things don’t shut down under a blanket of snow! But spring is especially important, as well as fall. Here we have two main growing seasons – warm and cold (or hot and not-so-hot). The transitions occur at spring and fall. So coming up in late March and April we will be planting all the warm season veggies – tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, etc. We even have teeny tomato plants sprouting!

Seed tray with small tomato seedlings
In order to get ready for all that planting, we are harvesting heavily on rows where those veggies are going to go. Most greens will keep growing beyond the middle of March so we are choosing the oldest rows and harvesting the greens completely. But…now what do we do with all that food?!? ¬†Much of our greens and other winter veggies are going into our newly restarted CSA program as well as the Bastrop farmers market. But we have a LOT of greens. So I’m turning more of it into mustard greens pesto and arugula pasta. Rows with cover crops have been tilled and are waiting for the green manure to rot so they can be planted in a few weeks.

Wide rows with drip tape

Another aspect of getting ready for the new summer crops is to go through our freezer. We put up mostly summer vegetables during the glut in mid-season. By the time the first hard freeze comes and wipes out the summer plants, we are sick of them anyway and ready to concentrate on the bounty of winter. But soon we are peeking in the freezer to find some ratatouille or tomato soup. At this point in the year, I start to really concentrate on using all that up before we start harvesting new summer vegetables. I try to keep track of these things so I can see if we haven’t put up enough tomatoes or we froze way too many eggplants (that’s the way it goes every year…). This year we have tons extra because the winter garden was prolific during a time when we weren’t selling much! So the freezer is still packed.

Our freezer full of summer produce

And as I mentioned in the last post, we are on baby goat watch. Our first is due TODAY but it’s late and she doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Of course I’ll update as soon as she does!

Finally, as the days begin to warm up again, we are putting on shorts and enjoying being outside during all daylight hours. The hammock is back in use and usually fully occupied.

Girls lounging on the hammock

Lots to do and not as much time as I would like to keep the blog and facebook page updated. But I’m working on it and have enjoyed the interaction with friends that can’t make it out to the farm very often. But we will be having a party in March. Stay tuned!