Welcome to the Sand Holler Farm Online Cookbook

We strive to provide a wide variety of vegetables to our CSA customers.  Sometimes that means branching out from the regular 3 or 4 vegetables most people buy at the grocery store.  And of course, that can lead to many questions on what the vegetables are and how to prepare them!  Even different varieties of more common vegetables may need to be treated differently during cooking than their grocery store counterparts.

To better serve our members, we are constantly testing and tasting new recipes that highlight our vegetables, both the common and the more unusual.  The in-season vegetables are listed on the left with some of our tried and true recipes.  We do not just post recipes that “look good”.  We have made each of these and have truly enjoyed them.  Additionally, each vegetable name will be linked to a page contained information on the varieties we grow, the basics of storage and simple preparations. Just need to get around to typing it all up!

The online cookbook was started in May 2012.  We are constantly working to improve this resource but it will take some time for us test, approve and write up recipes.  While we continue to fill in with specific recipes, you can always check the Eats and Drinks category on our blog for meal ideas. There are pictures of meals we make using the farm ingredients, but usually without much of a recipe. But it’s a way to get ideas! Let us know if you have any questions or comments!  marissa@sandhollerfarm.com