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Vegetable Garden

Our vegetable garden is a 100 ft x 150 ft plot – that’s about a 1/3 of an acre. We plant in “wide rows” – meaning it’s not like many fields you see with just a single row of corn or cotton that runs the whole length. Instead, our beds are 3 ft wide and 20 ft long. The garden is divided into 6 sections, each one for a different type of plant – the tomato family, the squash family, legumes, roots, the cabbage family and finally corn and watermelon grow together. Every year the garden plots will rotate so the plant families are growing in new soil. This helps build up the health of the soil by not depleting nutrients that a particular plant uses as well as prevents the proliferation of diseases.

We strive to grow a wide range of vegetables as well as growing varieties that you might not see in every grocery store – as well as some of the more common staples such as onions and potatoes.  But it’s always a pleasure to harvest and try something new for the very first time.  We want to extend that opportunity to people who might not have the land, knowledge or time to grow their own.

We provide vegetables to several families through a CSA program and plan on expanding this to eventually meet the needs for 25 families.  It can be a struggle to make an actual living at farming but we believe it is possible and are striving to build a sustainable business.

Orchard and Fruit Garden

We also have a small but growing fruit orchard.  There are apples, pears, peaches, plums and figs.  It’ll still be a few years before we get a real full crop, but we are waiting patiently!

In addition to the orchard, we have a developing fruit garden.  We’ve already planted blueberries, blackberries and grapes.  In the future we would like to add raspberries and strawberries.  Many of these will produce earlier than the orchard, so we hope to have fruit soon!